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Below are forestry systems available in Pahang State Forestry Department only for the JPN Pahang officers. Please click access to the system name to display the system.

System Full NameShort NameSystem Descriptions
Forest Offence System SKH These systems record and report information related memyedia forest offenses in Pahang State Forestry Department.
License Information System SML Recording of licensing information, license and tax transactions in a systematic and organized in an integrated database system and efficient.
Forestry Training Information System SMLP Capable of processing the application and review of the results of all inspections conducted by the Training Division of Forestry
Forest Monitoring Using Remote Sensing FMRS This system serves to monitor the activities of micro and macro forest quickly and efficiently by using high resolution satellite images, and current. Developed jointly by the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency and the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia.
Geospatial Database Forestry System PDGP This system serves to store, analyze, manage, view and edit spatial data online.


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